North Mids XC Kettering - WET!

It's one o'clock on Saturday 10th Nov, a sunny and pleasant day at Wicksteed Park Kettering. Runners of all shapes and sizes scampering around. Tents are being erected - just as well because there's a dark cloud approaching. There's the UOLRAC flag flapping joyfully but the tent and gazebo are about to take off! Maroon and green tops hold on, Guy ropes hastily being pegged (bent pegs). Then it starts to rain, water dripping down necks.

Despite this smiling faces abound. The women's team have a turnout of 12. This is perhaps a record for UOLRAC at the North Mids X country league however the men's team equal it also with a dozen not that there's any competition.

Always good to welcome this year's newcomers,Toby, James, Callum, Drew, Maximillien, Will and Hannah, Amy, Rachel, Celia and Tabby some of whom have seen sense and moved from rugby.

Martin Knowles - Endurance Coach

Kettering XC 3.jpg