Our Weekly Training Schedule

We put on five structured training sessions every week. This section includes the locations and brief descriptions of each. 

Mondays: 18:30 Track Training @ Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium

Mondays are a coach led session for athletics and middle distance runners that focuses on speed and endurance training. The fantastic facility at Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium makes this a club favourite. 

Wednesday: 15:00 Club Training @ Victoria Park War Memorial

The whole club meets at the war memorial in Victoria Park to warm up before breaking into athletics training, middle distance training and jogger's club for committee lead sessions around the stunning Victoria Park. 

Thursdays 18:15 Field Training (Throws and Jumps) @ Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium

This is a relatively new session working with local coach and ex-decathlete Roger Beeby training for any field event. This is a great opportunity to develop your field skills and prepare for competitions.

Thursdays: 20:30 Strength and Conditioning Circuits @ Campus Gym

This session works on core and leg strength as well as developing balance and cardiovascular fitness. As the club is all together it is also a great time to socialise and catch up with the club gossip. 

Sundays: 10:00 @ Co-op on London Road

We take a relaxing long run on Sunday around Leicester, meeting at Co-op on London Road so members from Oadby, Clarendon and Evington can all meet. The runs tend to be 5 to 10k with multiple ability groups.

Often the club sorts out transport and we get out into the countryside or the stunning Bradgate Park for our run. 


Loads more information about training is on our Facebook page, please drop us a message is you have any questions. 

Summer Evening Training

Summer Evening Training

Snowy Track Session

Snowy Track Session

Sunday Run Burger stop

Sunday Run Burger stop