BUCS Duathlon - Sunday 18th November 2018

On Sunday we headed to our first ever BUCS Duathlon with @uol_cycling The Athletes had an early start as we loaded up the mini bus with our bikes and equipment before heading 3 hours south to Castle Coombe Race Course. As the minibus arrived we got the bikes set up (a new phenomenon for us runners!), warmed up and ready for the 2 mile run, 10 mile cycle, 2 mile run. James Finnie, Andrew Holland, and cycling team member Matthew Clegg were first to race. All 3 got off to a fantastic start to the race before quick transitions to the bike. Matt did the cycling team proud by not being able to count to 5 and did an extra bike lap! However he still managed to post a great time of 57:01.2 . James Finnie and Andrew Holland posted competitive times of 54:47.0 & 51:31.7 respectively. Toby Austin and Amy Coulson went next in race 2 with Toby bagging the quickest run time of the day; running the first 2 miles in 10:52.1, and a total time of 52:42.0. Amy Coulson put in a stellar performance after a nervous start on a bike unfamiliar to her. She quickly took to the bike, getting a total time of 1:04:42.4. After strong effort from all, we left with finishing medals, and a strong sense of pride before making the long journey back north to the motherland (via maccies in true UOLRAC style, obvs).

Andrew Holland - XC Captain

BUCS Duathlon.jpg